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phophetic words of observational wisdom from the genius responsible for writing the brilliant song of the streets, 'i'm a girl watcher'

what editor ANYWHERE would argue with the undeniable wisdom of: i'm a girl watcher, i'm a girl watcher, watchin' girls go by, my, my, my! -here comes one now!! mmm, mmm, mmm! -even a gay individual might be affected positively!

another of the song lines is: 'i wonder if you know that you're putting on a show!' -there is no argument for this observation!

of course, the above sentiment MAY make a case for 'slamming' me for being "politically incorrect"....-the song however, LIVES ON!!; speaking for itself!!
watching the unbelievable sidewalk 'show', joe could only mutter, mmm, mmm, mmm!

at the gay bar, leo looked at what walked in the door, thinking; mmm, mmm, mmm!!

as his non-run of the mill cusine was served, he could only think, mmm, mmm, mmm!
by michael foolsley August 07, 2012

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