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Used as either a greeting, a goodbye or to express something awesome. It is an adjective, verb, and expression.

It is critical to make a "mmm" sound before saying "whats up buddeh". Buddeh is spelt incorrectly on purpose as to stress the significance of the "eh" ending, as this phrase originates in Canada, from the Hamilton region. It must be noted that when something is not awesome it can be referred to as "NOT whats up buddeh?!"
Two people see each other
1st person: mmm whats up buddeh?!
2nd: person mm whats up buddeh?!

#2. 1st person: Yo who did your dishes?
2nd person: The same broad who cooked a meal for me and cleaned my room!
1st person: Thats whats up buddeh?!

#3 1st person: Did you wheel that broad last night?
2nd person: Naw man she was on the rag, would'nt do a thing. :(
1st person: Thats not whats up buddeh?!
by A fellow buddeh! December 08, 2010

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