Stands for Miss Little Perfect. The most annoying girl ever known in history and portrays herself as hard to get yet has never been sexually active with a boy or close at all. She is in love with herself when no one else in this world likes her. She thinks she is beautiful and stares at herself in the mirror all day naked.
Asian: OMG Blondie, stop being such an MLP
Blondie: Sorry but that is the most disgusting thing i have heard in my entire life.
by Asian and Blondie July 10, 2008
Top Definition
My Little PonyCollector's term for small plastic horses with brushable manes and tails.
I often go on the MLP trading post.
by Fluttershy April 21, 2005
"My Lord and Personal Savior"... no religious meaning other than to point out that someone is, in the speaker's opinion, a god.
"It's great to see MLPS Eddie Van Halen looking so healthy again."
by Snowlepp April 01, 2015
Maltese Labour party, a political party in Malta full of close-minded people.
Why are you mlp?
Because that's what my family always was!
by rainyday June 14, 2008
An acronym for "Matt Loves Penis"
Matt's dong is being drippy today so i wrote MLP in the elevator.
by Blake Ressler May 24, 2008
To send someone off or make go away - change the channel to something else less interesting like My Little Pony (MLP).
Why don't you just go MLP - I've just been MLP'd -

Relevent to the MMO community as seen on "go-away-were-playing-wow"
by davidaimworst April 27, 2011
Major League Pimpin'

- Those that are the best at pulling girlies.
You: "I was at school my dude, this girl started talking to me in class, and offered up her number."

Friend: "That's awesome, you are definitely MLP!"
by antjamram November 02, 2012
Meaning "Me la Pelas" in Spanish ... Often translated to "suck it". Refering to an action where you have beaten someone else in something and your mockin him. The short-term "M.L.P." is often use texting or while chating.
Mia: You cheated in the game!
Ricardo: No! You just suck. Me la pelas!
Mia: you dirty little hamster!

Reynaldo: I hate you so much!
Ricardo: MLP!
by ronal108 April 08, 2011
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