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HEY LOOOK LOOK! ITS AAARROONN .. how crazy is this =D
hmmm whos tht mofo over there? it must bee...mizta shaykz! HAHA =P
by ARON2KEWL=) February 28, 2005
mizta shaykz. Another name for cool n pimp'd up. remenisces alot of the good times with friends. another name for ARON. knows lot of people. people tend to know mizta shaykz alot. in another words. COOLEST PERSON DEM RITE
Dayumnnn u see mizta shaykz. he look krzy les bak up befo we get porkchoped to 69.

Daymmmm look at dat pinoy. he must be mizta shaykz
by D1SWUNPN0I69 February 22, 2005

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