A businessman that should know that many of the job losses in 2009 have been announced when Bush was in power and therefore unemployment dropped under President Obama contrary to the constant spin by the GOP who are desperate in the final days, because Romney's campaign is going southwards since the "binders for womens gaffe" in the second debate and his disastrous performance on the third debate which was even worst than Obama's first debate. His poor performance during Hurricane Sandy, comments made by an Indiana GOP Senate Candidate about pregnancy and other nonsense from other GOP celebrities such as Rudy Guiliani won't help
Mitt Romney flip-flops daily on all issues
by Cre47 November 03, 2012
A sex act performed by two consenting adults, the "Mitt" sits on the toilet with their legs spread. The "Romney" then proceeds to urinate through the legs of the "Mitt" into the toilet bowl below.
I was surprised that I didn't get piss all over your genitals when we were doing the Mitt Romney last night, Michele Bachmann!
by pornado August 13, 2012
A conservative that I fear will win the election because of the whole "He's a Mormon" BS flying around, Plus: Al Shartpon's dumbass remark to Mormons
Mitt Romney is part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons have the same beliefs as christians, people, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!)

He DOESN'T believe in polygamy, so all the men that are going to vote for him thinking your gonna get more wifes (More Wives, More Sex, It is said to believe), your retarded. Plus wives don't equal Sex, Im' told Girlfriends is a story.

"Different" Religious Beliefs aside, Romney is the typical Republicans: Supports Our Meaningless in Iraq, Against Gay Rights, and Blah, Blah, Blah
by Von Alphonso June 05, 2007
Former governor of Massachusetts. Moderate Republican.... has had to move himself over to the rightin an attempt to get the Republican nomination for President. Smart, good looking, and potentially a dangerous candidate, but Bush has probably doomed any chance the GOP could keep the white house..... unless the Democrats run OJ Simpson or Saddam's corpse..... which wouldn't really be that shocking since they ran John Kerry and Al Gore.
It's one article a day about Mitt Romney now. Is America ready for a Mormon President? Is America ready for a Mormon President? Pretty soon.... it'll be an article a second.
by flipswirl January 12, 2007
Ran for President in 2008 and an early front runner for the nomination in 2012. Mitt is either loved or hated, depending most on what you think of his Mormon (restorationist Christian) religion. Mitt is son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney, who ran for President against Nixon in 1968, was called "the father of volunteerism" by Bush Sr., and was the 1st white Governor to support Martin Luther King. While some assume Mitt to be disliked in Massachusetts as a Republican, a poll just before Ted Kennedy's death showed him to be the 2nd most popular politician in the state after Kennedy, and now presumably 1st. Mitt helped engineer the Senate victory of Scott Brown in 2010, lending Brown his campaign staff. He also lent early campaign support and donated money to the new Republican governors of New Jersey and Virginia via his Free and Strong America PAC. Married to Ann, his high school sweetheart, Mitt is father of four boys and has many grandchildren. Mitt went to college at Brigham Young, then got an MBA and JD from Harvard. He founded Bain Capital, which helped create Staples, Domino's Pizza, and The Sports Authority. Mitt saved the 2002 Olympics from financial disaster and balanced the budget of Massachusetts at a time when it was virtually bankrupt. Mitt pioneered a health care plan in Mass. based on free market economics that takes only 1.2% of the state budget and had only two dissenting votes. He just wrote a book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.
Mitt Romney may be the 45th President of the United States and save our economy! (Including the music industry.)

I'm no Mitt Romney, but here's my solution to the economic crisis.

Since we can't have Reagan, the next best thing is Romney.
by Jed Merrill February 07, 2010

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