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"Mitsy"s, or "Misty"s, are the female counterpart of the Pooy. These young girls, often attired in little more than a wee-stained pair of knickers and a demented grin, stood around the docks in medieval times tryin to steal the business of the Pooys. Unfortunately, as was common in those days to be a screaming bender, the heterosexual business was slow and the Mitsy eventually died (or was it dried?) out. There is believed to be only one left in existance now, and she must cater to the needs of all the men in the world. From what I hear tho, shes doing a pretty good job.
'eres 'alf a thrupenny, go down the docks n get us a coupla pooys, if u buy 2 u get a mitsy free too
by =] May 08, 2003
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a good name for a boy's penis if you want to make it sound like he has a tiny penis
Girl: Hey how's mitsy.
Andrew: Shut up! i'm average.
by puppy1 May 12, 2009

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