Side hoe
I'm married but I love my "mistress" more
by TheRealFerro December 17, 2014
a women who has a foot slave and allows him to worship her feet, ie kissing each toe, licking her soles, eating her toejam
mistress gemma wanted to punish her foot slave so took off her boots and smothered his with her sweaty soles, the slave was in heaven, she even then made him masturbate over her smelly socks
by gemma's foot slave April 18, 2005
Mistress: "The Miss between the Mister and the Mattress"
My recent ex girlfriend told me she felt like my Mistress as athough my old relationship is completely over and has been for years, I am still a "room mate" with that person and our daughter as we sort things out.. I would see her, we would do things together, have fun, then I would have to come home to my house with my other ex still in it.. not the best way to start a relationship..

She got tired of being the Mistress while I was working on sorting things out..

I still get a chuckle when I think of this!

My Mistress is no more.. I'm gonna "Miss" her but am ready to find me another Mistress to be happy with!
by DisKimBobulated September 03, 2011
The slut who sleeps around with other people's boyfriends!!!
"Allison the mistress is such a wh-oore, I can't believe she slept with my boyfriend, Phil, and did other stuff..." - Teri-Lynn
by RANDOM@BROCKU November 17, 2006
Entity semanticly and physicaly highly related as per example below.

A Mistress is someone that stands between a "mister" and a "matress".
by Martnovich March 18, 2006
1.) a lonely female with no self-respect who willingly subjects herself to the marginal attention of married men
2.) enemy to the institution of marriage
3.) an example of female energy used for evil

4.) a married man's co-conspirator
5.) the puppet a married man keeps in his closet and pulls out only at night and only when no one else is around to witness its existance
6.) one who will never experience real romantic love, and seemingly has no desire for it

7.) a woman with no value other than that of sexual gratification
Recently, we have seen many famous men's lives and marriages come to ruin as a result of their relationships with a mistress(es).
by I said... February 04, 2010
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