A type of coffee drink made with steamed milk and coffee instead of espresso. Similar to a latté, only less intense.
You can customize a misto in the same ways you can alter an espresso drink.
by tony s. March 10, 2004
Top Definition
A misto is a "cafe americano(which is a shot of espresso served over hot water)," with steamed milk on top. Not to be confused with a cafe au lait, which is drip coffee with steamed milk on top.
Customer: "I'd like a misto to go."
Barista: "We don't have those."
Customer: "Can you make me an Americano?"
Barista: "Yes."
Customer: "Can you put some steamed milk on top?"
Barista: "Sure."
Customer: "Than you can make me a misto..."
by CE NYC December 02, 2010
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