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when you love somthing and let it go becuase you are un sure of what you want in life, it will come back every day to bite you in the ass. I know this because i let the most beautiful girl in my life go due to my dumb ass being afraid of falling to deep in love at my age. She now is far away and i still talk to her but she has no idea that i will never let her heart leave mine, its always going to be there even if she is not. My heart belongs on chico way, in the little blue car, and with the one who was there for me when i had drama.
short, sexy, sweet, TUNA, yellow car, drive in, my prom, 2003/2004, molly, sherry, eggs, ckhs, beautiful, smart, funny, college, tears, joy, ;)
by pimp lips March 08, 2005
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