Come feel better about your own state!
"Nobody goes to Mississippi...Who really says, I've got two weeks paid vacation, let's spend 'em in Biloxi!"

-Lewis Black
by X-S~ June 27, 2004
A Gulf Coast state that is full of rednecks, hicks, sisterfuckers, and bums. It was also home for the first and only President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. Their culture is so pathetic its state flag has the confederate flag on the upper-left corner of it and in 2001 a new non-redneck flag was proposed and brought to voters to decide and it was beaten very easily so you can't argue that the state has changed since the 19th century.
Me: Go ahead, you assholes make the U.S. look bad anyway so nobody’s going to complain or try to stop you.
by Anti-Yid Clyde December 26, 2006
The most boring and torturing place on this universe aside from hell.
Allison-I would rather die than live in Mississippi.
Kim-Fa sho my nigga!!Mississippi sux!
by Allison August 29, 2004
the armpit of America

The coast used to be the only cool thing about it but then Hurricane Katrina had to go fuck that up.

arkansas,louisiana, and alabama residents thank god for mississippi becuase if not for them they would be the worst state in the union.

the people are generally stupid and ignorant,even the college educated ones are pretty ignorant
Id rather work as whore on bourbon street than live in Mississippi.
by craiggo August 20, 2006
The most racist state in the USA.
Mississippi can kiss my ass.
by The Alex June 22, 2005

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