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when a guy that is chewing tobacco, spits it into a womans vagina for the purpose of lubricant, and then fucks her
"my lesbian friend Jenneen got drunk and hooked up with this guy, and he totally gave her the mississippi hot pocket"
by lesbianlover82 April 04, 2010
46 19
A dirty, filthy, grotesque sex at in which one partner eats something to guarantee a particularly firm poop, steak for example, and gets his/her female partner's vagina wet and shits directly into her vagina causing the poop to fill her vagina.
Dude this kinky chick told me i could give her a Mississippi hot pocket so i shit in that bitch's pussy.
by Ghettochild1209 December 26, 2008
27 27
A Mississippi HotPocket is the act of getting your balls and beating them with a stool then pouring hotpocket sauce on them
Mississippi Hotpocket victim: my Wife gave me a Mississippi HotPocket

Friend: Ow man sorry bout that
by A Man With A Banana June 29, 2011
6 8
When a man is fucking a woman, he shits on her pussy and then proceeds to eat her out.
I was banging a chick last night and I tried a Mississippi Hotpocket. Couldn't get the taste out for days.
by aing October 16, 2006
17 32