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A group of annoying religeous fanatics who come to your door to attempt to convert you to their pathetic religeon. Usually having no respect for anybody else but their own scewed beliefs about how they can become gods, and in the case of the mormons, racism and polygamy.
-Immune to logic
-Wears a suit and tie usually
-Funded by massive religeous projects that rip money out of the poor dumb people who follow them
-Travel in groups of 2 usually
-Extremely stupid, and they often sacrifice a whole 2 years of their lives (thats 2% of your life if your optimistic).
Hello there, we have come to tell you about some great news! Fact of the matter is, you can be IMMORTAL! you can actually FLY and make black people pick cotton for you. just JOIN our religeon. DO IT NOW OR DIE! WERE A MISSIONARIES!
by mogel September 25, 2006
Probably one of the most overused and boring positions ever. the chicks lays on her back, and the guy gets on top. Nothing special.
They were in the missionary position
by Cheese November 15, 2003
the best sex position for them first timers. cause, ladies, it hurts!
Since it was my first time, we was doin it missionary.
by IGotXpierienceDoU? December 17, 2004
a basic sex position where the girl lies on her back and spreads her legs so the male can sit and insert his penis in her vagina.
daniel and carrie often do the missionary position when love making.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e February 23, 2006
- A person (esp. Christian) who goes on a religious trek to expand their faith.

- Popular sex position in which one partner lays on their back, and the other lays on top of him/her, facing one another.

- A death metal/black metal/doom metal band from Arizona, USA.

- 1982 British comedy film starring Monty Python's Michael Palin
The missionary "position" is the most common.
by guggenteit July 08, 2006
intercourse takes place with girl on bottom, male on top inbetween her legs.
I fucked her missionary style last night!
by Im the slut! Bitches! yay! March 26, 2009
the regular sex position man on top of woman
missionary is when the man gets on top of girl and rides her
by jackiebabe February 26, 2010
How your Mum and Dad Fuck / Made you
Dad: Tonight darling, we shall make a son.
Mother: Splendid, can we try a more exotic position than Missionary?
Dad: No i shall take you as Adam took Eve
Mother: Alright shove a baby in me...
by Butcher'sgreat March 17, 2010