its reallly long and it takes effort to do it
thats a mission to to do i really aint doing that
by takez April 29, 2008
when a male/female goes around and has sex with different people; a one night stand.
Let's go over to tanya's house and run a mission.
by info man December 13, 2005
Mission- a word to describe something that is hard, or far away
Gosh Harry, That would be nice, But that hoe is Mission away

That maths test was mission,
So's your mum
by "GiNgE" July 30, 2006
Referencing any of various Indian reservations that were set up by Roman Catholic(Jesuit, etc.) missionaries.
Rick: Where you been?
Slick: Over at the Mission
Rick: What's over there?
Rick: burnt meat
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada May 24, 2011
Word typically used to describe a completely stupid, irresponsible and possibly dangerous plan of action that can often result in a frisk
Dave: "Lets go on a mission"
Steve: "What shall we do?"
Dave: "Lets jump through fire in shell suits"

Steve: "Lets go on a mission"
Dave: "What shall we do?"
Steve: "Let's go and smear nutella on the public toilets so that it looks like poo"
by Ali August 29, 2004
A 3-4 day crack binge where the smoker can consume up to 50 crack rocks.
I robbed a bank, bought a kilo of crack, went on a mission, then killed myself when I was done.
by 'sup P September 29, 2004
The act of smoking methamphetamine.
Dave was on a mission last night.
by fish fish fish October 14, 2007
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