A mission is to go out of your way to do something that needs to be done. It is to go on a long or difficult journey to somewhere or to get something.
Person One:Im going to mission it to St Albans station and then catch the bus all the way to Delahey, after that i need to walk for about 15 minutes just to get to Joes house.

Person Two: Wow man that sounds like such a mission, how can you be bothered.

by Mishka07 April 15, 2009
trying to get with someone at a party or any other places ,basically hooking up ...
amanda was on differents missions last night, we bust her out !!!
by 618618618 June 02, 2009
A hard or unnecessary task to fulfill.
Okay, but this is going to be missions.
by bubblepop August 02, 2006
Originating in Scituate MA and often referred to as "Scituate Slang", a 'Mission' is when one person will hit up another (that they like, think is hot, etc) trying to hook up with them in a car or other sketchy spot. Missions are most likely take place In a parked car in a sketchy dark parking lot. This word has swept through the town and everyone knows the classic 'Mission Spots' where someone can take that significant other on a mission.
Joe: "Dude guess what? Me and Jessie missioned last night"

Cam: "Yo really? Where'd you go?"

Joe: "Ant Hill... Didn't get buffs or anything just a hook up"

Cam: "that's a classic spot bro... I'm surprised you didn't get bopped by any mission hunters"

Joe: "True"
by MikeDiddlyP April 12, 2015
Word to describe an incredibly arduous task. Or distance to be travelled.
Getting up, Sitting down, picking something up, walking, crawling, rolling a cigerette.

"Corr Astrid picking the clogg shaped ashtray up off your fathers floor is a mission'

by Clyde B. September 08, 2007
Noun- The procedure of hookin up with a female for a sexual encounter or fun
Jason: Ay my man what up with Tyra tonite

Ryan: Im finna call n set up the mission now
Example II:
Ryan: Man you wouldn't believe it I had a mission with all three of them last nite it was crazy
Jason: Man u lucky my mission fell through
by Royal07 March 01, 2010
Language of Origin: Scituate, Massachusetts has been adapted throught the south shore especially used in Norwell, Massachusetts

Can be used as a Verb/noun

Mission pronounced "M-i-ss-ion" is a slang term used to describe the act or action of having causal drunk sex in a car, but has been adapted to just refer to drunk causal sex or even just casual sex.
Example Verb:

Man: "damn bruh I really want to mission the hell out of Stacy, but my car is in the shop rn"
Friend: "that's ok, u can still say u missioned Stacy even if it's not in ur car"
Man: "word! I can't wait to mission Stacy this weekend, my parents will be out of town"

Example Noun:
Guy: "I'm on a mission"

Friend: "what type of mission"

Guy: "to fuck Janet, she is my mission"

Friend: "damn I wonder who my mission is"
by Tony 4 Prez June 11, 2016
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