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trying to get with someone at a party or any other places ,basically hooking up ...
amanda was on differents missions last night, we bust her out !!!
by 618618618 June 02, 2009
15 10
A mission is to go out of your way to do something that needs to be done. It is to go on a long or difficult journey to somewhere or to get something.
Person One:Im going to mission it to St Albans station and then catch the bus all the way to Delahey, after that i need to walk for about 15 minutes just to get to Joes house.

Person Two: Wow man that sounds like such a mission, how can you be bothered.

by Mishka07 April 15, 2009
18 13
travelling back and forth to many places
We missioned it to t dot on saturday.
by charisse March 27, 2003
28 23
Noun- The procedure of hookin up with a female for a sexual encounter or fun
Jason: Ay my man what up with Tyra tonite

Ryan: Im finna call n set up the mission now
Example II:
Ryan: Man you wouldn't believe it I had a mission with all three of them last nite it was crazy
Jason: Man u lucky my mission fell through
by Royale07 March 01, 2010
14 12
Word to describe an incredibly arduous task. Or distance to be travelled.
Getting up, Sitting down, picking something up, walking, crawling, rolling a cigerette.

"Corr Astrid picking the clogg shaped ashtray up off your fathers floor is a mission'

by Clyde B. September 08, 2007
12 11
its reallly long and it takes effort to do it
thats a mission to to do i really aint doing that
by takez April 29, 2008
5 7
when a male/female goes around and has sex with different people; a one night stand.
Let's go over to tanya's house and run a mission.
by info man December 13, 2005
11 13