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Anything that is really really good looking or tasty.
After B.Y. mixed his Crystal light water pack into his bottle and took a swig he said, " Man that was a missile, Cuz."
by Eleandrus February 03, 2011
another word for "errection."
When I see my girl, I am as hard as a missile.
by Denzel Caldwell March 11, 2005
Really huge breasts....
by ass June 16, 2003
In downtown baltimore, a missile is most commonly an awesome bag of raw heroin. If it's of a good quality and there's a good amount, then it's a missile. This term is also used to refer to other drugs, but mainly heroin. In the last year or so it has seen repeated use as a replacement for "the bomb". In this context it can be used to describe anything of an exceedingly high quality.

I once was buying a bag of weed and had it broken down for me by a native. I commented the bag was a bit small, and he replied to me, and I quote:
"don't even worry about the size, baby, it's a <i>missile</i>"

I asked him what that meant and he told me it was like the bomb, except it gets shot straight into your nose/lungs/veins.

A nuclear missile is better than a regular missile.
That dope I got from Jimmy The Hat was a fucking missile, I shot up yesterday and I'm still fucking wasted!
by AmoebicMagician May 14, 2009
Synonymous with calling a girl a rocket. A really hot girl, basically.

Popularized by popular NHL enforcer Paul Bissonnette, aka Biznasty
Lexi...what a friggin missile she is.
by Hockey talk September 29, 2012
Verb. To rapidly move or weave through traffic in a high performance vehicle. To drive faster than the speed limit in an urban environment, endangering others. Also Sidewinding.
I missiled through these fools like a Sidewinder. Missiling around in my pimped up Honda.
by Phoenixflamme September 13, 2006
A mixed drink. Take a can of red bull, open it, poor out half, fill with vodka. Then poke a hole near the bottom on the side, and shoot like you would shotgunning a beer.
I shot a missile before going out to the bar.
by Yosephie Maluki February 09, 2013