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Nickname for lionel messi because he can't score a penalty
Missi just missed his 10 penalty in a row.What a bad player
by pjetro April 04, 2015
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a rare and enticing creature. most likely a redhead. female. prefers other females. exudes an almost uncomfortable sexiness. one feels powerless and weak in the knees upon seeing her. most interactions result in drooling, inappropriate laughter, fainting, and occasionally pissing oneself. although it is advisable not to take a chance on impressing her (she's out of your league) most cannot help themselves.
chick 1: dude, how'd you get that wet spot on your leg?

chick 2: i swear to god man, i just passed a missi.

chick 1: ooooh. dude, you gotta be more careful. a missi will eat you alive.

chick 2: yeah, but i think i'd like it.

chick 1: dude, you totally would.
by coffee_cake April 12, 2008
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one hot and sexy girl that is very fashionably knowledged and dresses well
OMG look at her, she's so missi!
by Missi December 01, 2004
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