Evil, ugly, fat whore who should get her Twinkie-loving ass fired. I heard her mom died of cancer. And yet she still feels all right making fun of thousands who also died.

I hope that bitch's mommy's proud of her ugly ass-daughter.
Miss Jones is roughly equivalent to what you shit out every day, only worse.
by Not 97 May 07, 2005
Top Definition
dumb ass bitch that is dumb and is a bitch who is a DJ on hot 97
bitch ass better get her ass fired
by Dong Woo January 24, 2005
Hot 97 DJ that is racist against ASIANS.
Miss Jones says Chinks & Chinamen were swept away from the Tsunami, the dumb bitch doesnt even know that China was far far and away from the Tsunami.
by s January 31, 2005
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