when someone forgets something, or uses a slight lie to cover something up.
According to Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte misremembered him using steriods 10 years ago
by Sally V. February 13, 2008
Top Definition
Word best used when trying to protect your 7 time Cy Young Award winning ass from commiting perjury as well as protecting a strong friendship with your back stabbing teammate.
Andy, my best friend in the whole wide wide world must have "misremembered" the friendly conversation we had when he stated that I shot up my lying ass with the Juice till it looked like a giant cauliflower. All I said was that I liked cauliflower and that it would be great if I could just inject it into my ass since it would save time from all that chewing. Then I could spend more time making sure my wife wasn't lifting her skirt so that my geeky trainer can give her his own Growth Hormone. But that's Andy. He was my friend, is my friend, and will always be my friend.

by Tommy D in the House February 14, 2008
To forget the lie you told 3 months ago.
Roger Clemens "misremembered" the fact that he shot HGH into his own body.
by LUAP WILLIAMS February 13, 2008
Misremembered or Miss Remembered (formerly known as Miss Congeniality) also known as 3rd runner-up in the "Steroid User of the Year" compitition. Should the winner (Roidger) fail to fulfill duties due to imprisonment or other legal issues the Crown goes to 1st runner-up (Debbie). Should 1st runner up fail to fulfill duties also due to imprisonment or other legal issues the Crown then goes to the next runner-up...Miss Remembered (Andy or anyone else still found alive under the bus)!
Andy's truthfullness and unwilingness to take a fall for anyone has regulated him to the title of "Misremembered or Miss Remembered" in this year's "Steroid User of the Year" contest.
by Tacoma Guy February 17, 2008

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