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A term allegedly first originating in Kingston Jamaica but widely publicised as being the creation of rapper Elephant Man for the purposes of rhyme. Mish Mish Man has developed a number of meanings.
The referance towards someone as a mish mish man designates them as highly socially active, being involved in a wide number of events, widely visible and popular on a large scale but limited depth. Reference to a man with a clear social goal mish- mission, the dual use of the slang mish implies this goal is, however, rapidly changing, neither here nor there.
A mish mish man is the center of the social world which he inhabits, seen always in the present as the most successful and desirable group member but in the long term often eclipsed by those with smaller but more realistic aspirations.
by Ruben June 09, 2003
Man who manages ho's for sex
Leroy is da mish mish man
by tuchy June 05, 2003
A man who instigates violence and drug sales in Great Britain.
Where's the bloody mish mish man?
by British druggie man July 26, 2003
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