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Artist and illustrator known for her dramatic figurative work. Her style has been described as "Post-Pre-Raphealite". She works mainly in watercolour and mixed media but also incorporates photography and computer rendered art.

Commercial projects have included "The Men In Black" comic, "Vampire: The Masquerade" RPG, "Vampire: The Eternal struggle" CCG and numerous other comics and games.

Co-founder of The Church of Zen Fatalism

Straightedge and Vegan

Wicked sense of humor

Fierce supporter of Mac computers and SF/East Bay punk rock.

Is terrified of zombies
MiseryXchord dropped a lightningbolt on that kid who was stealing her photos on Buzznet.
by Blaqk Cadillac August 16, 2007
Publisher of DOOM! Magazine, stays prepared for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.
MiseryXchord keeps a shotgun and machete handy in case of zombies.
by Steampunk Octopod December 28, 2011
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