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A bigot who does not discriminate.
First voice: A bigot that don't discriminate?? Well, then he ain't no bigot is he?
Second voice (same person, different personality): Indeed not. He is, in fact, a misanthrope. An enjoyable paradox, n'est-ce pas?
by pbaddy September 21, 2010
20 72
1. A Human who hates all of mankind as a whole but is not necessarily against having friends.
by Cryo-Morph X September 21, 2003
691 76
Person who has put trust into another multiple times only to be let down time and time again. After this occurs so often hope is lost, and you start to see the reality of how disgusting humanity on earth really is.

A vague thought that life on earth, is nothing but "self inflicted torture at the hands of death."
Misanthrope, just think about it.
by l0lzchris April 05, 2010
242 41
Misanthrope or misanthropist.

A person who has a general dislike or distrust for the human race. Although they dislike the majority of the human race they can function considerably well in sexual and friendly relationships. They are often humored and disgusted by the human species. They are not often harsh or bitter people.
Misanthropes need people; without a steady supply, the misanthrope cannot fully apply his art.

by Perfectly Pierced April 15, 2008
253 87
1. A human being who hates humankind and acts accordingly
2. Rumsfeld
That guy is such a misanthrope.
Man, that chick is hot; it's too bad she's a misanthrope.
The Secretary of Defense is a noted misanthrope.
by Manuel_Labor July 07, 2004
212 96
1. a person who hates all human kind or has a very poor outlook on them.
2. claudia.
Jesus, claudia is such a misanthrope. I mean, look at her strangling that priest!
by ooojiibooo August 05, 2007
115 63
Misanthrope (noun) is a hater of humankind.
Justin Rodgers is the biggest misanthrope I've ever met!
by NcHillbilly11 April 08, 2013
9 5