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It be dem expensive cars.
"I'm killin y'all niggaz on this lyrical shit. Mayonnaise colored Benz I push miracle whips."

-Kanye West
by Keyser Soze September 04, 2004
The most disgusting, vomit-inducing mayonnaise ever created. How it is still distributed is a mystery as no food containing Miracle Whip can ever be called "delicious".
Me: I'd rather eat my own puke than taste anything that contains Miracle Whip.
by femmefatale1990 May 09, 2009
Its a mayonnaise but a little more tasty. Its probably not as healthy but who gives a whores pussy? Its spiced and Shit I think. Idk I just eat it.
Pass the miracle whip dumbass
by Someguywithtoomuchtime March 30, 2015
When a girl give you a blowjob while she still has cum in her mouth
"Mary gave me a miracle whip last night."
by Meyamochan December 19, 2015
The female equivalent of "duck butter," which is the filmy, pungent sweat that forms between the genitals and the bunghole in the area referred to as the gup or the taint. Can become particularly thick and stinky in during hot weather, or after days not bathing.
I wanted to dine at the Y, but after a hot day she had a dab of the miracle whip going on down below.
by Philboyd Studge July 13, 2015
When you are getting oral sex from your girlfriend and you pull your penis out of her mouth to slap it on her face when unintentionally you climax and shoot semen into her eye.
Last night while I was getting some head I Miracle Whipped my girl.

Have you ever miracle whipped a chick in the car?
by Tru Soldia, Caseman2484 March 13, 2010
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