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man nipples - especially ones which protrude through a shirt.
The existence of mipples is one of life's great mysteries.
by duckman October 02, 2003
29 12
A man's nipple, not as enticing as a woman's nipple.
What are you doing over there? Twisting his mipple...
by beyster October 06, 2005
32 14
A male nipple. The logic behind mipple is that a male breast is not called a boob but a moob, which is short for man boob. Thus a the shortened form on man nipple is mipple.
"Your mipples are showing through your shirt."
by Tis A. Terecs May 28, 2007
14 2
A protuberant seated on the breast or pecks of a male human being .
Did you see that guy's mipples?

No why?

That guy's mipples were so hard that you could see them through his shirt
by Bea Green November 20, 2007
7 1
Man nipples
man!!! my mipples got twisted by that girl last night and man did it feel good
by djshaggyd March 06, 2009
9 6
The Male Nipple.

Also refered to as moob

"Wow you have serious Mipples!"

by Lauraaawwwrr October 16, 2007
5 2
A Fit person who has been hit in the head with an apple
Oh Miriam is such a mipple, getting hit in the head with an apple, by Elliot
by Miriam Early January 14, 2009
5 3