long time awhile
i haven't seen you for a minute!
by Sarah February 03, 2004
A unit of time equal to or upwards of one hour.
"Yo man, it's been a minute tho"
"I know man! I haven't seen you in months!"
by J-Pizzle95 June 27, 2013
Might be 20 minutes, 5 minutes or a week or a year... but rarely really just one minute...
I haven't felt so alive in a minute... but i do now..
by Amberlynn Drake May 25, 2014
Length of time with no direct correlation to the standar sixty seconds. Usually between a couple of days to a few months
"Yo i aint seen you for a minute"
by The Raven July 15, 2003
A long period of time
Greg aint been to Dominiques house in a minute.
by mrs. brown January 08, 2006
Commonly used by drug dealers referring to a period of time 1-3 hours in length.
"'Sup dude I got some money for you"

"I got you dawg, I be there in a minute."


"Where you at??"

"*mumbled excuse* I be there in a minute... *wash rinse repeat*"
by Elizabeth Stark May 15, 2010
a long time; a while
i haven't seen you for a good minute!
by a.cox January 28, 2008

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