one of the best users ever. on par with people like Kiv, Aaron...but not final(he smells >_>). Is possibly in love with Shan. >_>
Minotaur rocks, no denying it.
by john doe December 30, 2003
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An ancient greek half-man half-bull beast.
The Minotaur with the axe killed him.
by Aaron Meyer January 23, 2006
an antisocial and/or alcoholic librarian that works - and frequently masturbates - in the stacks of large public and university libraries.
I went to the world civilization stacks on the third floor and could have sworn a minotaur was spying from two stacks over.
by dusty ocean December 29, 2004
An attractive (usually chubby) woman with a disproportionately large lower half.
"That girl was nice enough, but when she stepped out from behind the counter she was a real minotaur!"
by Suck It Wilde January 15, 2010
crazy monster like strength with amazing capabilities
She's a major minotaur in tennis!
by shailja July 15, 2004
a loud neighbor that you always hear clomping around in the apartment above you but you never actually see leave home.
"What's going on upstairs!?"
"It sounds like minotaur is pissed off."
by ATMJess May 27, 2007
Acient mythical monster and a word now used to describe something as "beastly" or to "destroy" something.
"That guy got minotaured"
'That was a minotaur of a shot"
by BatmanShane December 21, 2010
An attractive woman from the waste up with a largely unproportioned lower half. Typically having a petite chest and waste while simultaneously possessing the hips, buttocks, and thighs of a much larger woman.
X: Man, did you see that brunette? She was real sexy!

Z: Yeah I saw her and you're right she was sexy; from the waste up! She looked like she had a horses rear surgically attached. Back home we call those Minotaurs!
by Ashworth Smitty December 18, 2010
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