Used to describe a young underage person, tend to be female.
I throttled a minor last night.
by Lowitman19994 February 26, 2014
if someone messes with ya and there nothing..there minor...nothing to worry about
" he sed he was guna fcuk me up but hes minor nuttin 2 screw ova!"
by sarah February 22, 2005
A way of saying fine; no problem.
1st Guy: 'Dude, your girlfriend just got gang raped!'

2nd Guy: 'Minor, she was a slag anyway.'
by Aviate January 25, 2009
a stupid term dreamt up by the government to curb the teenage pregnancy rate, and to stop me going into clubs.
Gary Glitter- how do u plead on the accusation of sex with a minor?
by Cat January 27, 2004
cocaine comes from rap slang
Ya heard about Tha Martini Don? He got locked up for carrying some minor.
by Edgar Flores December 30, 2004
The biggest fool on earth. His another name should be non stop nonsense.
Breaking his leg after falling in toilet of a bar. Only he can do that.
by RR November 14, 2003
A person who is not quite 57 years of age yet.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003

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