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Vehicle driven by asshole suburban mothers who often only have 1-2 kids and have no need for a vehicle that seats 8. While thought to be more efficient than SUVs, the driver always looks like a complete loser who should just suck it up and buy an SUV regardless of the gas milage.
I stopped talking to my mother after she bought a minivan.
by Sean February 01, 2005
A car infamous for being driven by worried moms with 300 screaming soccer kids in the backseat, so they always drive ten miles per hour below the speed limit, and they don't speed up, so they wind up causing more accidents.

Thankfully, they are being phased out by worried moms driving Suburbans, Yukons, Expeditions, Excursions, Tahoes, Denalis, Navigators, and sometimes even Escalades, which they seem to drive faster probably because they think they're safer.
My mother used to drive a minivan, now she has a Yukon XL. So she drives faster and hogs twice the gas.
by A Pissed Off Person January 27, 2005
1 in the front, 5 in the back
i gave my girlfriend the mini-van last night
by Tony Nadz September 05, 2006
nickname for a fat girl
Your girlfriends (fat) friend is a minivan
by NICE ONE May 24, 2005
vehicular castration for any male who is somehow forced into driving one
you, "hey i think that molly wants to go out with me!"
me, "well, good luck pulling up to her house in your mini van - why don't you save yourself time and humiliation and just go watch some more anime and jerk off."
by William Hole March 21, 2008
adj. suburban, uncool, anything that can be associated with boring, conservative, middle class, middle American culture. Big suburban malls are minivan. 7th Heaven is minivan.
Let's get back to the city, this place is too minivan.
I never watch ABC Famliy; it's too minivan.
OMG, her velvet track suit is sooo minivan!
Yeah, we went to Disney World but it was awful. Everyone there was so minivan.
by Muskox April 29, 2006
The querest car in the world
Every time you buy a minivan, the world gets a little bit gayer
by Scott Nikkel May 26, 2005
A car that is rarely seen driven outside of the suburbs, or by nonwhite/nonasian families. NEVER seen driven by people who are single.
Look at those guys driving that minivan! And to think that this is NYC...
by Rodney Basil April 06, 2004