Much like the length requirement of a college paper. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep things interesting.
Whoops, there went a breeze. My paper went flying. So did your mini skirt.
by .JuDgE. September 22, 2009
The way men see it, the greatest item of clothing for girls ever.
I looked up that chick's mini skirt
by Brammo November 09, 2005
They can be cute, but if worn the wrong way, they are just trashy.
The natural brunette wore a modest mini skirt that didn't show her whole body. The peroxide blonde did.
by DizzyLizzy January 18, 2007
something that dads say when he see's his daughter wearing a mini skirt it makes him sound mental
hayley:dad look what i bought at the mall
dad:but its mi-ni-skirt
by katieluvsyouu August 16, 2008
A shorter version of a skirt, used mostly by women to make women feel good about themselves, often wrongly interpreted, as meaning they want sex. Women who wear them are often wrongly called "sluts" males who use the term so that they won't feel guilty about treating women like objects; this term is usually used by sexist men who never use the same word when referring to shorts on a male or a kilt on a male
A mini version of a skirt - miniskirt.
by John Wonkid July 22, 2006
A "skirt" that might as well be made from two dish towels; mini skirts rarely go lower than mid-thigh and are often ride low on the hips.

Harlots, like Britney Spears, are known to wear them.

Mini skirts are not for modest ladies.
What's the point of a mini-skirt? It won't cover you up or provide protection from the cold.

Wearing a mini-skirt and tank top seems to send the message, wether the wearer likes it or not, "I'm a hooker. Take me now."
by Lorelili April 07, 2005
The above deifnition is a sexist definition used by men to apply to the miniskirts of females so that men can feel better about treating women as objects, but the same is not the case when referring to men's shorts or kilts, which shows how sexist and innacurate the definition is.

The actual definition is: A short version of a skirt, worn (usually by females) for various reasons, such as to feel comfortable in what one is wearing, to show femininity, or to look nice. Often mistaken as a sign that the person wants approaches from men, when actually they don't (or in cases where they do, somtimes this is mistaken to mean that the girl wants sex, when actually she doesn't).
An example of a miniskirt can be found by typing "miniskirt" into Wikipedia
by John Wonkid July 22, 2006

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