Top Definition
1. short sluts
2. underage girls who are slutty
3. wannabe sluts who are so nasty that barely anybody wants to fuck 'em
Jenny is a mini slut
by DickSlangaCrossYoBitch'sFace June 17, 2007
A girl who is not very hot, but yet likes to participate in sleazy acts. Kind of like a poser of a slut.
Look at Alex, she is such mini slut at school
by big titty bitch January 22, 2005
Teacher slang for middle school girls who dress trampy, claim more sexual experience than they really have, and loudly discuss everyone else's clothing, popularity, etc.; mini-sluts tend to intimidate boys their own age but are laughed at by anyone older than they are, especially the high school boys they try to attract. They usually know everything you can learn in a chatroom or by watching television, and nothing else. Noted for their diva-ish tantrums and rigid enforcement of whatever they think the social rules should be.
Teacher 1: Did you have some trouble with that mini-slut Kelly at lunch?

Teacher 2: Yeah, she announced that Wendy dressed like a fucktard virgin and slapped her, because Wendy was wearing a skirt and sweater instead of a belly shirt and pube jeans. Then all the other mini-sluts jumped on Wendy. I think they just wanted to get sent home during high school lunch hour so they could walk by the high school.
by old lang guy September 07, 2006

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