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1)They are a group of kids bent on destroying songs such as Ain't No Other Man, Crazy, and Wake Me Up When September Ends. They are ridiculously ugly kids who should go die in a hole- ESPECAILLY THAT ASIAN GIRL she's a disgrace to all asians out there. amen

2) The source of all evil in the world
1) Hey look its those ugly mini pop kids on TV again! ooh look now they're destroying Wake Me Up When September Ends. I wish that asian girl would die...

2) Mini Pop Kids are evil; Self expanitory
by clairep March 18, 2007
A disgrace to music - a bunch of under-developed wannabes trying to pass themselves off as actual artists. Not a single original song and they ruin every Christmas with a new CD containing the year's biggest hits. Of course, all these songs are sang with their 11 year old voices so its an instant good to HORRIBLE mix.

Their only redeeming feature is that they made a blond slut sing Justin Bieber's "Baby".
Girl 1: What the hell is that noise?
Girl 2: Mini Pop Kids.
Girl 1: There goes Christmas...
by Bad Music January 21, 2011
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