orininating on the continent of Australia, the term "minger" or scientific term, man'in'ger'bia'tch, has evolved from the stonage and is the general word mostly used by males to define a bad horrible smell or disturbingly ugly female. But can be used by females theres no rule against it.
Fuck!, she is a dirty minger, or 'that shit is minging', or 'what an ugly minger'
by Stoney KPSC RULES lol January 02, 2005
an ugly or highly unattractive person
jeez, she`s a real minger
by Mark n Jo January 10, 2006
Means ass-ugly female. Used in UK mostly.
She is much a minger, innit
by Dave February 27, 2005
A typical Welsh word used to describe an ugly person. Usually the alternative to "hangin'" or "cowface".
Oh my god, you fucking MINGER!
by Lucy July 10, 2004
Someone who is facially inept, fat, retarded, or ugly in any other kind of way. Also see - minging and ming

Closely relates to munter
"oh my god, look at that minging bird"

"that fat chick is a complete minger"

"oh boy, she mings"
by Kathie<3 April 09, 2004
One whose ugliness is ,they hope, in inverse proportion to their personality. If only they knew...
Keep that minger away from me!!
by alkie chris November 25, 2003
another slang for butterz or ugly. Usually used by cockney people.
neak:that boys like a total minger!
by ((((( November 05, 2003
A(Seemingly Ugly) Chick that you fuck(drunk, sober, otherwise), yet in the morning you would not tell your friends because she is ugly.

Also see Dinger- A Damn good Minger
Lets go get a minger
by thewood September 06, 2003
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