orininating on the continent of Australia, the term "minger" or scientific term, man'in'ger'bia'tch, has evolved from the stonage and is the general word mostly used by males to define a bad horrible smell or disturbingly ugly female. But can be used by females theres no rule against it.
Fuck!, she is a dirty minger, or 'that shit is minging', or 'what an ugly minger'
by Stoney KPSC RULES lol January 02, 2005
The act of doing pingers out of a girl's minge
Hey Sam do you want to do some mingers with some sluts
#mingers #pinger #minge #australian culture #true blue
by Margaret the manikin April 08, 2015
A person who is perverted and creepy
Verb: Minging
Josh McManus is such a minger
Dude, Josh McManus keeps minging on me
I keep catching Mania minging on me, what a complete minge
#minge #peverted #peveret #pedo #creep #pedo bear
by Hairy Carpet Chinese Girl April 16, 2011
Someone who fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
You're a minger!
Shut up, you minger!
get out of my face, minger!
by Matress_of_evil January 22, 2005
the ugliest person i know. she is the definition of smelly and fat and is terrible at netball. lazy and ungrateful, a minger sleeps and eats more than anything else. you'd rather saw off your own foot than dare walking closer to her
wow that erin girl is such a minger!
#slut #whore #coyote ugly #fat #ugly
by erinchappleisgay June 14, 2010
a minger is some one who is butt ugly in every way. someone who gives you unpleasent shivers of the spine makes your skin crawl. just plain ewwww.
Collins; On the page, OK, he's pretty bad. In the flesh, he's all-time king of the mingers!
#ugly #mr collins #pride and prejudice #mingar #minga
by LIA FAN August 28, 2009
slang: a person who types his/her songs' names in English and tells his/her friends that it's in Latin
William the minger types his song names in Latin.
#retard #genius #idiot #jerk #prick #asshole #bitch
by bowling5556 July 27, 2012
An insult or a describing word. Means : gross, horrible, ugly and disguisting. You can say something is minging, e.g clothes, food and somebody. This word is normally used among British teenagers from a poorer back ground. The richer or middle class British teen will some times use it in a sentence to make fun of poorer teens or chavs. Pronounced m-ing-er or m-ing-ing.
Jokey kind of way to a friend "stop being so annoying you minger" or "ewww your food looks minging"

Mean way "your face is minging" or "your mums a minger"
#gross #minging #ugly #poor #horrible
by goldfairydust September 08, 2009
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