The crime of creating something extremely confusing and thought provoking.

Verb: Mindfuck.
What the fuck kind of mindfuckery is this?

Dude I just saw Inception. I declare mindfuckery!
by zzoso August 06, 2010
Top Definition
1. the action of somone acting in a way, or doing an action with the intent of seriously disturbing another person(s). (simplified; the action of a mindfucker doing what he/she does best) 2. A piece of artistic work (paintings, music, drawings, motion pictures, animations) which cause the individual observing it (intentionaly or unintentionaly) emotional distress, or radicaly changes their ideas/beliefs about/in something. (a good example of this is the entire series of neon genesis evangelion, and it's movies)
1. "I just can't stand his/her/their kind of mindfuckery!"
2. "Man, what a load of mindfuckery."
by thanatos-knight December 30, 2009
A term used to describe the presence of mind fucking.
I love movies like Saw and Cube, there is just so much mind fuckery!
by Tapek October 01, 2007

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