the act of imagining yourself engaging in sexual intercourse with somebody as you look at them.

refer to eyefuck
I saw a really hot guy and started mindfucking him. It was hot.
by hrnyazn June 21, 2009
To fuck with someones mind for your own personal pleasure or simply because you have nothing better to do.
"My wife wants this new car, and so do I, but I think I will mindfuck her for awhile before I give in."

When you argue with someone about something you really could give a shit less about, just cause you can.
by Carmen45 March 10, 2008
v. To confuse/mess around a potential romantic interest with the intent of either "trapping" them in, or for ego boosts.

n.The act of mindfucking
v I don't think John really likes me, it's ok though, I'll just mindfuck him a bit.

I don't know if i actually like Adam, but he's mindfucked me so much I can't stop thinking about him

Charlotte didn't text me back for 4 hours, I thinks she's trying to mindfuck me

n. Olivia blew me off tonight, do you think she's genuinely busy or is it a mindfuck?
by Pollya January 02, 2008
Lsd; acid, squares...
"hey yo I got some squares, want 1?" "na, i dont want any of that mind fuck."
by Ryan Huggins November 04, 2006
For one person, usually a man, to try to gain a power advantage over another person, usually a woman, by avoiding desired or expected physical contact.
“Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t shake your hand… He doesn’t touch women sometimes, but it’s just a mind-fuck.” _By a Spider’s Thread_ (2004) by Laura Lippman p. 303, see also, p. 232
by Greg November 30, 2004
To fantasize about someone during masturbation, to fuck someone in one's mind.
'Dude, I mind fucked the shit outta' her last night when I beat off'
by Z Ellmo September 08, 2006
Someone's lack of clearness or honesty in a relationship, with the purposeful orientation of confusing the partner and prompting stronger affection as well as emotional dependence in him/her.
He was giving her such a Mind Fuck,saying things to her like "I really like you and I'm going to break up with 'other girls name' because I feel that we have so much more in common and I have such a great time with you." But, in the meanwhile he is still going out with the "other girl" and telling her the same thing.
by fuckmeinmanhatten April 10, 2007

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