The process by which an attempted or achieved goal ends up being the source of your own mental or emotional demise.
When the woman of your dreams whom your engaged to be married to conveys her deep desires to be with another woman , again . And she dumps you for her sons girlfriend. Ending in a total mindfuck.
by badpigg November 06, 2010
the act of confusing someone also known as mindfucking
isabelle; the math homework mindfucked me
by ickyonions February 01, 2012
Deliberately producing misleading information to an innocent victim for the amusement or enjoyment of it and usually produced out of boredom or spite of that person or group.
A chic makes a post on craigslist on Sunday, "Bring the Booze, I'll continue the Fun." The guy responds to the chic and says, "I don't have any booze." The chic responds, "of course not, it's Sunday..nobody does." The guy responds back, "Your such a mindfuck!" at which point the chic stop responding.
by Honest_guy July 18, 2011
An internet meme inwhich one would present an image with the caption saying: "mindfuck- when you see it, you will shit bricks". The image would seem like a normal, harmless image, but would reveal something horrifying/ unusual if stared at long enough.
Hm... i cant seem to see the mindfuck...-oh no shit!
by Evolver32 January 24, 2010
someone, male or female, who just messes around with and plays mind games.
adrianne is such a mind fuck
by Sinister methods so fuck you December 19, 2009
something that you cant wrap you brain around. leaves you paralized
the movie a clockwork orange was a total mind fuck
by beautifulxdisaster January 29, 2006
the time where you zone out thinking about Fucking someone you know you will never get with usually with a smile on your face a nd a blank stare
Dude! you were totally mind fucking that girl and she saw you staring!
by Crazychris April 13, 2014

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