An act similar to sex, involving two people sending mentally arousing brain waves to each other. No physical contact is required to mind fuck. Mind fucking is a very safe sexual act, however one should be warned that you can contract a MTD, or mentally transmitted disease. It is recommended that those who are about to mind fuck make a mental mind condom before hand, to help reduce the chance of contracting a MTD. Mind fucking is a two person activity. If you wish to engage in a form of mental sexual activity for more than 2 people, try having a mind orgy or mind threesome. Normal orgy and threesome rules apply.
I just had the most amazing mind fuck with Sara last night!!@ I got such a brainer, and her mind is so sexy. I could have eletricly compulsed on her brain all night long.
by Eddie the cool kid August 27, 2006

1. Some one Fuck's With your Mind

2. Gets inside your Head to Change your mind

3. One Has Sex,with another, With there mind
1. She Mind-Fucked me about The Dance

2. She Mind-Fucked Me Into thinking it Was My Fault

3. She Mind-Fucked Me For an Hour, From across the Room during English
by Hunta Be October 23, 2006
the slang term of Exploding noema: It's a theory of psychoanalysis that describes the exact startling moment when the brain can't reconcile the difference between what should be and what actually is.
inception is a total mindfuck
by bankrobert682 January 19, 2011
Verb: The act of using purposeful confusion onto another person. If the person has no clue you were mind-fucking them, it is a successful mind-fuck. If that person suspects what you are saying or doing is a mind-fuck, it is an unsuccessful mind-fuck.
Dude, I just called Miranda to mind-fuck her, and she didn't suspect thing!

Man, I think I was just mind-fucked.

One of John's favorite hobbies is to call up random numbers and mind-fucks the people who answer.
by Grandma Tuffits June 21, 2010
The distinct feeling of being utterly confused. Often as a result of school work, a messed up movie, or Shakespeare.
Me: That physics test was a mind fuck.
You: Yea, I had english and we're studying Shakespeare.
Me: We've both been mind fucked.
by Mind Fucked November 16, 2004
the process of being manipulated by someone who is clearly ahead of the game and knows how to talk to you in such a fashion that gets you to do something the Mind Fucker finds either amusing or beneficial to themselves. This can be done to anyone ignorant/high enough to believe or fall for such trickery.

Example: (ran out of room in below example so i put it here)

sober mind fucks can include but are not limited to

complimenting you or acting towards you in a usually favorable way so that to the mind fuckee, they seem very trustworthy, or deserving of a gift such as sex, promotion, or other reward.
high mind fucks are the most common and amusing and usually consist of;

convincing anyone under the influence of any drug, alcohol, or other impairing substance, to do something that any sober person would see as obviously ridiculous. There are two usual objectives a high mind fucker will go for: 1. is to trick everyone else so that he can make food and eat it all to himself without any of the other people involved getting any. or 2. to make them do something ridiculous.

Ex: Guy a = Mind Fucker. Guy b = Mind Fuckee

Guy a: (in the most serious and convincing tone possible) dude did you know that if you take a hit and your body is all compressed you get higher?

Guy b: really? no way dude!

Guy a: Yeah dude seriously, that's why we have this dog kennel because that way we can climb in and it will compress our body because its so cramped and then when we take the hit we will get higher. (shocked) you haven't ever done that before??

Guy b: no dude i have never, is it awesome?

Guy a: (refers to a 3rd guy who will play along with it and make it more believable) it totally gets you super high right Guy c?

Guy c: yeah dude. its awesome!

Guy b: well shit... lets do it.

after Guy A immediately locking Guy b in the dog kennel and laughing with guy c. At this time videos and pictures are acceptable
by Coggburn November 27, 2010
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