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something so incredibly boring or such a waste of time that the person experiencing it can do nothing but drop into a sleep or a really deep daze
Man, that class was such a mindfuck... I fell asleep 5 times.
by The White Man March 08, 2005
29 62
A gimmicky, pretentious, and largely manipulative story-telling device.
Jacob's Ladder is a real mindfuck.
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
11 48
Stoned out of your mind. Unable to focus, hallucinating, talking to yourself, etc... Complete out of it.
"Hmm... I'm listening to blasting music while talking to two giant penguins. Yep, this sure as hell seems like one of mama's good ol' fashioned mindfucks!" -Punk-O-Matic
by wldulkfrswitdat July 06, 2006
8 46
when strong minded people notice weak minded people and mess with there head making the victim speechless,crazy,making thoughts run at 100mph or even as slow as 1mph . Usually leaves victim very fucked up in the head , crippled for a while until it goes away.
When Ben became a skante warrior i mind fucked him into beleiving people are following him.
by tweek tweek paneeks May 22, 2005
29 68
An intense but platonic relationship involving two or more people of any mix of gender.
After months of close contact and discussion the three friends finally achieved mindfuck
by John M August 31, 2004
11 58