The recipient of this is sexually stimulated without physical means (instead, visually or mentally) to the point of orgasm, which makes physical orgasm impossible although the mind is kept there indefinitely.
"You ain't been mind fucked yet" - Axl Rose
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
intense communication between people, that generates as much chemical satisfaction than sexual intercourse, but without any physical contact or sensual game.
"I played chess with John yesterday, it was soo nice, so complex... what a mindfuck, if my boyfriend understood chess he'd be jealous as hell"
by thereminbooya August 04, 2005
To attack a person's mind thru magickal means; to mess with someone psychically or even psychologically to such a degree that that person's mind is damaged and has great trouble escaping that present chaotic/damaged state. To be in such a state.
Monica knew that her misleading behavior and magickal spells had successfully mind fucked Joshua when he had sleep full of nightmares, and his waking life had hallucinations.
by Joshua January 03, 2004
To completely dissolve one's thought process and abillity to be. Typically onset by a menber of the opposite sex. Devastating to brilliant minds.
In the movie Basic Instinct II, Sharon Stone completely mindfucks the supporting actor by setting events in motion that cause him to have a psychotic break and go on a killing rampage. Something that a Psychiatryst would never do.

"Dude, where am I?"
"You're in the back seat of my car, I found you huddled naked in some backwards mexican hotel cuddled in the corner whispering 'I am gonna be alright. I don't have 11 fingers. Barney is not some evil alien trying to kill me.' It was bad man."
"Damn, that bitch completely mindfucked me"
"Yeah, tell me about it"
by Allen Jonson October 23, 2006
to telepathically have sex with someone
to rape someone by form of telepathy
i didnt touch her, but we mind fucked from across the room all night long. wow.
yes, sally is a victim of mind fuckage
by Dayna May 18, 2003
Any event, musical piece, artwork, or writing that is profoundly disturbing or possibly psychotic.
Last night I went to see Tori Amos. She's a total mindfuck live!
by ignor August 25, 2003
A highly abstract form of sex.
An act whereby the male individual will insert his penis into the mind of the female. Hence the term, "mind fuck".

(typically applied to mentally depressed individuals)
Rectifies to the right state of mind.

Highly recommendable indulgent to anyone that desires a unique form of sex, or anti-depressant (An emo, for example).
"Hey, what's wrong with her, why is she upset?"
"Hmmm, looks as though that she needs a good mind fuck"

(An emo) "Oh, life sucks. I hate life. I need a good mind fuck to rectify this predicament"

by Paul Phoenix January 07, 2006

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