To fuck someone within the boundaries of your mind. To imagine sexual intercourse with another person or multiple people. Completely safe from risks of pregnancy and STD's.
I had nothing better to do in bio, so I mind fucked Kellen.
by psycho ho October 22, 2006
1. To mess with someone's mind until they are quite confused.

2. A thankfully obscure type of porn that occasionally shows up in fanfiction where a penis is inserted into a hole drilled in someone's skull. No, don't go looking for this. It's scary.
1. She mindfucked him so badly that he commited suicide.

2. I read a Lucius/Draco mindfuck and then I threw up.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
to be chronically brainwashed by a religious institution into believing that it is better to frolic bleary-eyed and alone with the love of God than to ever feel the warmth of another human being again.
she was a bangn' girlfriend until she went to Jesus Camp and came back mindfucked; now she orgasms from reciting biblical verses instead.
by Aneim April 12, 2008
When you see a really hot girl and proceed to screw her over and over again in your mind without her ever knowing.
Your friend: Dude, that chick over there is so hot!
You: Yeah, she doesn't realize it, but I have already mindfucked her 3 times.
by DJRB December 16, 2008
to intentionally pressure someone to do something that the person would not otherwise do
I didn't turn in any of my assignments, but I was able to mind fuck the teacher into giving me an A.
by Blake November 12, 2002
An ending to a movie with such a plot twist that it makes you say "holy shit." e.g. Impostor, Minority Report, The Sixth Sense, Memento.
Holy fucking shit! That was the mindfuck of the century!
by Brad K. March 16, 2003
A book that can be considered confusing, enlightening, or both.
Dude, Catch-22 was a total mindfuck.
by abstraxion August 20, 2003
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