A cinematic technique that uses misdirection to lead to an ending that is at first glance completely unexpected or contradictory, but is coherent and reasonable given hindsight and careful observation of the clues presented.

Classic examples include “Memento”, “The Usual Suspects”, "Fight Club", and “The Sixth Sense”.
That movie was such a mindfuck!
by aaaaa October 09, 2003
the time where you zone out thinking about Fucking someone you know you will never get with usually with a smile on your face a nd a blank stare
Dude! you were totally mind fucking that girl and she saw you staring!
#stare #mind fuck #fuck #dream fuck #hot chick
by Crazychris April 13, 2014
Where you are confusing someone in any sexual way possible
If the mom fucked the dad and had two kids boy and girl and the boy fucked the mom and the girl fucked the mom the children of the mom and boy is called the dad then who is the real dad if none of this was real....mind fucked
#mindfucking #fathers #crossbreading #milfs #fuckmined
by Fuck mined,being confused December 27, 2011
to fuck someones mind with numerous amounts of factual awe.
I was watching Richard Dawkins, and I am sore of a mindfuck by his amazing speech.
#mindrape #mind-destroy #mindheal #mindspoon #mindkiss
by BryanML November 14, 2009
To control someone through obscure lines of logic or salesman techniques
dude1:I went in to return the damn car and the fucking shit mind fucked me into leasing another five!
#to mess with #redirect #confuse #to fuck with #your mom
by Kaemmer October 23, 2006
The fourth base of extreme confusion and discovery. A step up from getting your mind "blown". It's a bit more of an intimate revelation than simply being blown.
Inception was a Mind Fuck. When you learned that you can't hum with your nose closed, your mind was probably only blown.
#mind fuck #mind blown #mind #fuck #blow #fellatio #inception
by 41D4N October 05, 2011
When two minds(of opposing sexes) go into a secret place and fuck. Then they make mind babies.
Guy 1: Dude, Umi just got mind fucked!

Guy 2: Yea man, did you see those babies?
#mind #fuck #fucked #sex #brain
by RedDragonnn September 22, 2010
While watching Criss Angel mindfreak, Criss does something so out of this world, You try to think of all the ways he did that trick but couldnt disprove it. Thats a Mindfuck
Criss Angel Is the Mindfreak But he also is the "Mindfuck".
#mind #fuck #freak #criss #angel #magic #amazed #wow #holy #shit #hot #damn
by FourthAndInches September 18, 2009
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