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when you look at a girl and she is so hot that your get a mindboner without even getting a real boner
joshua eagle saw a hot girl and got a mindboner
by justin707 July 04, 2010
2 1
When you feel titillated looking at a HPOA but not enough to show physical evidence for it (read: boner)
Man! I got a mind boner when I saw 'Jenny the HPOA girl'!
by Der Gelb Baron August 14, 2010
264 40
when something blows your mind, it gives you a mind boner.
friend:shit dude! did you hear that new luvtonez joint?

president barack obama: yeah man, shit is real. it gave me mind boners!
by tibby trillZ September 08, 2011
12 1
When you mind has a big boner but your penis does not.
Hey girl, I know my penis isn't hard but I've got a major mind boner.
by bones11 November 12, 2007
28 19
When you have an intense discussion about a topic and you get a subsequent mind boner. The excitement and arousal of the mind from entering a heated debate that lends to the feeling of wanting more. Mind boners can also be used to mind fuck people in order to inseminate and propagate ideas. (See also mind fuck)
"Dude that talk last night about the unknown universe gave me the sickest mind boner."

"I totally mind fucked my roommate with my mind boner last night."
by Professor INYOHEAD October 10, 2013
1 1