verb 'to mince'
To spend 'quality' time with your gf when you could be having much better time with your mates and you know it.
In extreme cases one might say 'boiling a bag of mince'
Wheres steve wasnt he supposed to be coming for a surf?
Nah hes on the fucking mince.
Surprise sur-fucking-prise


You out on thursday
Nah mate im boiling a bag of mince
by johhnyboygomez June 08, 2005
The highest form of praise anything can recieve
It goes as follows:

There is no higher form of greatness, comes from a combination of the words immense and mint.
"So was the film any good then?"
"It was amazing, i would go as far to say it was legendary"
"Thats not good enough, it was absolutely mince!"
by PlipandPlop June 02, 2007
Has now changed from the way a homosexual would walk, to a old womens vagina.
shutup you mince
by Mant September 21, 2008
1. acne or pimples

1. to 'pop' acne or pimples
Alex: "Thomas bro, your mince is bad as today!"

Thomas: "far i had a mean mincing session today"
by Skintightaz June 03, 2007
Death Metal
I feel like listening to some mince

This Cannibal Corpse album is pretty mincey
by Altar Of Death December 07, 2003
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