To wander around aimlessley with no purpose or direction.
Me and Alice minced about town today before I got the bus home.
by genty baby October 09, 2007
Eyes. From cockney rhyming slang mince pies.
Shes got the most beautiful minces
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
A camp strut, typically performed by limp-wristed, overweight homosexual men who look as though they are being pulled along by the scrotum
Many people in Brighton like to mince up and down the high street

Alan Carr is a prime mincer
by Gladtobe November 22, 2012
A level of stupidity associated with the bottom 5% of society
That girl is thick as mince
by Nige November 10, 2004
Pieces of dead skin that reside on your chin because you have taken tablets to dry out your skin for extreme forms of achne. Can be used to decribe the "mince" or to describe a person with it. see examples below.
Person (without mince): Ya mince is lookin canny mean today.
Person (with mince): Shut the fuck up.
Person (without mince): MINCE! MINCE! MINCE!
by Jonny0204 June 25, 2007
full term: "mince pie" cockney rhyming slang for "eye"
I punched the fucker one in his fucking mince
by Edna Sweetlove September 27, 2006
what to shout at somebody who looks homosexual in anyway (walking, clothes, facial expression)
paul: hey nick look at that guy
nick: yeah he looks gay
paul: *shouts& MINCE!!
by paul of death October 21, 2003

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