Mother I'd Like to Milk. Similar to milf except this would involve a yummy mummy with large breasts.
Look at that milm - wouldn't mind having a go on them.
by Simon D December 15, 2004
Top Definition
Mother I'd Like to Meet

For the gentlemen who would just enjoy a casual conversation with an attractive mother
"Hey, check out that milm on the corner!"

"Your mom is a real milm."

by TyC August 15, 2007
Dried flakey jizzum usually found on socks that have been found under a bed.
Mum: Our Jason has been playing with himself again!
Dad: You haven't walked in on him again have you?
Mum: No, I found some milm on his socks!
Dad: We should buy more kleenex!
by Garrold July 06, 2004
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