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Typical smile of a person that has reached that point in his economical life when he doesn´t really have to think about money unless it is to check how much his networth has increased in the last month. Not to be confused with the 100-thousand-dollar smile, which is way less relaxed.
Have you seen Jeff lately since he became a firm´s partner? He´s totally got that relaxed million-dollar smile
by mariotol March 21, 2012
- Getting captured in the moment where time stops and all you can see is her(or him) smile and it melts your heart like ice on her hot body.
-a smile that a person gives you that makes you want to have sex with them a million times. in a row.
Him-"you have that million-dollar smile gurrrl."
Him"yeah, Fo sho ,baybee"
by venombites May 22, 2011