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a girl with brown hair that is highlighted at the bottoms.
she has brown eyes
she is of a medium height.
her passion is history.
she is a wannaby kiss me girl.
her faveourite food is to eat i colliflowers as they are are FIT!
you are very lucky to have encounterd a meeting with one of these amazing creatures!
this is a millie-nicole :D
millie-nicoles are a very rare and unusual mammal.
they are most commonly found in the small town of Garforth, Leeds.
where the rare critters - head mogal- millie-nicole currently nests.
she also gorges/gobbles and usually gorges on Ginsters sandwiches (chicken), digesting them with a guzzle of Coke.

she is also described by many people particularly munts as a
Fanny Fucker.

by yoursohardcore - Iā™”Nicole November 06, 2008
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