a town in massachusetts full of pot head and other drug addicts with people who think they have swag but in reality have none at all.There are a select few who know how to dress and that doesnt involve skinny jeans
the kids over there in those white skinny jeans is from millbury.
by josh pageau October 23, 2011
Top Definition
crap hole in MA, where only prude people want to live. filled with narrow minded people that hate on local scene kids.
scene kid #1: did you see the way that gangster kid looked at me?
scene kid #2: yeah, he must be from millbury.
by Chelsea Challenge August 10, 2008
A mill town in central massachusetts on the blackstone river. Pronounced "millbree" by its middle class inhabitants, It is known for its youth who wear clothing and listen to music twenty years behind the times. Not in a cool retro way but more in a "They haven't got the memo" kind of way.
"See that girl with the white fringey leather jacket and wearing a bon jovi shirt...She is DEFINITELY from Millbury"
by thechildofclay July 21, 2008
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