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1.super hot alien chick in The Fifth Element, where she's naked a bit, wears little clothes and kicks ass.
2.super hot undercover agent for evil umbrella corporation in Resident Evil, where she's naked a bit and kicks major zombie ass.
3.super hot zombie killer in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, where she's kicking ass and looking damn fine doing it
person 1:why do you watch resident evil alot?...and why do you love the fifth element? why do you like it?
person 2: dude...just don't..i told you don't bother me when i'm watching this part...
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
An actress who looks absolutely amazing in the Fifth Element
guy1: dude milla jovovich from the fifth element is amazingly beautiful

guy2(me): yes.....yes she is.
by jesusgonewild January 03, 2010
When you wear a strap-on dildo just so that it protrudes from your nipple and then you use that dildo to fuck a girl in the pussy.
I gave that chick last night a Milla Jovovich she will never forget.
by Stevie Yates September 12, 2009