Short for milligram. Dealing with opiates and such like prescription pills. Term originated from Fairfield County. The term is slowly spreading along with the addiction. Can also be called Oc's, Blues, Mill, Milled
Hey I just beat Rob for some mills, care for a bump?
Ean, Cale, and Eric went on an epic journey to find a mill.
by TrumbullCenterRat January 18, 2011
a man classified as having an enormous penis... bigger than big... horse cock
by mike March 07, 2003
1. The process of wandering aimlessly, similar to loitering.
2. Something average, shortening of 'run of the mill'.
"Shit the train doesn't leave for another hour", "oh well lets just mill around town for a bit"

"won't be going back to see that film, it was pure mill"

"Dave's party was so mill I had to leave before ten"
by GoldenBarrel November 19, 2009
One of the coolest kids you will ever meet in your life.
The one everyone wants to be cool with.
He's super friendly.
He raps to make you smile.
Really cute.
Can dress his butt off!
Just amazing (:
You will love him!
You wish you knew mills.
by iloveyou56 June 12, 2011
A Beautiful female Who cares less about relationships and more about Money and success.; a loyal girl betrayal isn't in her. Very Down to earth, Book and Street smart
Guy 1: I need a Mill in my life!!
Guy 2: I had One and I lost her.Trying to replace her will be hard.
by Cathy_22235 October 19, 2011
Mills like wearing pretty flower-covered summer dresses. They are huge douches, and think every girl likes them and desires him, when it's quite the opposite. They think they are very manly, but they are quite feminine and they can not seduce anyone. Fail.
Girl1: Ew, that Mills tried to hit on me! Gross. What. A. Fail.

Girl2: EEEEEEEEEEEEW! You are SO unlucky!
by Joannnahh March 29, 2010
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