The black persons version of "nigga" used to try and put down a white person.

Or a slang term used for the milkman
"Oi Milky"
"Whatchu lukin at you fukin milky"
"Get your white ass over here Milky boy"

"Milky will be here in a few minutes"
"Where the fuck is the milky i want some cereal"
"The milky is pretty hot .. i wouldnt mind"
by Jodie22222222222222 February 23, 2007
Bradley Hugus

-- albino
Bradley "leave me alone Patrick"
Patrick : " Hey! shut up milky!"
by hahahahaha March 06, 2005
a nick name for my other friend...robert
also chek duck man
hey milky that was funny you put creamed
turkey in nicks back back (he did that thursday 17 feb.2005)
by amado February 17, 2005
-to be high
Ayo, we was milky as some motherfuckies last saturday night up in the club.
by spoleze February 15, 2003
To get sick from taking in alcohol or marijuana.
Ugh, he's going milky!
by Ba_BOOOM_chika May 30, 2005
Slow witted person, very stupid,
To have no sex appeal or sex drive,
normally works for a very little pay rate
you are so milky,
shes milky i want someone hot and horny,
i cant pay u much can u be milky and work for fries?
by kinga-da-hill April 22, 2003
a gross, perverted, ugly, nosy, conceited, thick-skulled, big mouth, NASTY guy
Milky thinks that hairy people are good at sex.
by LC March 13, 2003

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